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Originally Posted by sparklepop View Post
Incidentally, what reasons did she give for lying to him about seeing this other guy? Or are they really irrelevant?
from the very trivial ("it was an upsetting family situation that made me do it")
to "you (=husband) made me do it because you were asking too many questions and being too inquisitive" (and yes he was inquisitive, because he was suspicious, which turned out to be justified).

Originally Posted by sparklepop View Post

Can you cope with him being with her? Can you cope with the drama she brings? Would it ever end up being a deal breaker for you?
I think I could, it's just so hard seeing my husband setting himself up for something that can only lead to more pain. But I can't really tell him what to do... don't want to!

I think I am also mourning the loss of a naive dream I had - I was still hoping that she would tell the other BF, that she would become more open, and that she and I would become friends. I think that ship has sailed
early forties, straight.

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