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Default the other side of the equation

Well, I've been with my partner (now husband) for close to 8 years, and my lover has been part of our life for over a year. The situation however, is that my husband recently started seeing someone and I find I am not dealing so effort to spare you from my ranting, I think I can sum up (most) of my feelings:
- I feel overwhelmed by the amount of emotional work I think I need to do to make this work.
-I have "space" issues, I guess I am territorial about my house, my stuff, etc.
- I am not used to not being front and centre (in a "V", most of the attention, affection and such is on me)
-anger at the pressure for me to get to know this new person and have them be part of our life.

I think the biggest thing is that I'm disappointed by my own feelings, because logically I know this can be a good thing, and he's happy, but I feel like shit.

Would love to hear from those who have maybe been there, or are working through something similar...
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