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Thank you for coming back and giving an update - so many folks post their problems, get into a discussion, then just disappear, and we never know how things worked out.

There are always going to be things to work on - especially when the start of the poly journey was cheating. We came into poly from a similar place, and have also been able to make it work. Good to see another success story that is real.

Originally Posted by ladyintricate View Post
I have learned so much about myself over the last year. I don’t really think of myself as poly, still… because I love two very specific men and a specific lady…but maybe I need to change that self perception of myself over time gradually (I do know the definition of polyamory after all, and I truly love more than one person)…
Well, you are in a loving relationship with more than one person, built now on a foundation of openness and honesty. I think most people would consider to be poly.

As for the whole "specific" thing - that just show that you are discerning and have standards

Continuing good luck and happiness to you and your group!

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