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Originally Posted by RunicWolf View Post
I'll speak for myself thank you! :-p

But yea, BD hit it on the head. I felt like there was a bait and switch going on. While supposedly the later books are less about the smut and more about the story, I am skeptical at best from what I've heard about Anita and her having a power that needs recharging through, well, sex. I know it's more about the energy exchange then anything, but it seemed like a plot reason for the author to go off and write smut.

Don't get me wrong, I love sex as much as the next red blooded human being, but she had a good thing going before it became "How much of the supernatural world can Anita bone to gain power". Sex is a great plot device. It's brought real world people to all time lows and astounding highs. However you don't need it to supplant the focus of your books. Old Anita was fantastic. I could read about her all day long. New Anita seems....boring. Can't say for sure as I haven't read any of the newer books. Might try one if the author can keep Anita's legs shut "on screen" for an entire novel.

p.s. I love smut. I love smut when I'm expecting smut. I'd hate a movie if you watch the first 45 minutes of a great horror flick just to have it turn into a porno for no really defined reason other then "because I want to film a porno now".
You need to watch the Horror flick "slaughterhouse massacre". It. Is. Hilarious. I hate horror. I'm scared easily. This "horror" film is basically a stoner film. If for nothing else than to go "yep, that's the shitty type movie I was talking about", you should see it.
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