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Oops, butterfly137, for some reason I didn't read you whole post. I just did. I see a pattern. D is upset about your relationship with C the same way you are upset about C's relationship with his new girl. Your both complaining about lack of attention - from different people.

You and D are off balance in the same way, but with different people. D is trying to lean on you ( I want attention - now!), but your not leaning back to him. You are trying to lean on C ( I want attention - now!), while he is not leaning back to you. Its like you're both trying to play the game twister. Both off balance, both trying to grab different people to rebalance.

Also, both you and D have the same difficulty asking for the attention you want. D from you and you from C. You and D are like a set of dominos leaning in the same direction. He is leaning toward you, trying to lean on you. You are leaning away from D toward C, while he leans away from you and toward his new girlfriend. Imagine this on a dance floor. What would it look like to you? You two are like a set of dominos leaning is the same direction. You know what the domino's do when they lean in the same direction - they fall over.

Take a close look at what I just said. Stop leaning on anyone. Stand up straight and breath deeply. What does that feel like? Ahhhhhhh ... self esteem... balance. The dominos will stop falling in unison when YOU stand up and breath. Have you ever noticed the only person you can't physically lean on is yourself? I don't know exactly what that means in your situation, but its one of those thoughts that gets me to ponder a bit.

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