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Originally Posted by BohemianMLHR81 View Post
One other thing that I noticed in all of your posts was there is no mention of the closeness between the wife and you. Everything seems to be centered around the husbands sexual desires of wanting his two women and the wifes jealousy. This leads me to believe that she is only having sexual relations just to appease him.
I have definately considered this......and I have talked about it to both of them. It has been a major concern for me, BUT only because for a few months she became very closed to me, she was really struggling with the change in her relationship. Id go as far as saying grieving for what she has lost. But she also realises what she has gained in having me to love. When my gf lets herself go, releases herself to love me, she is the most amazing, loving and beautiful person. She was like this at the beginning, that was the main reason I fell for her. She has recently become back to that person and hers and my relationship is really good again. We share alot of time together, we are best friends, and we also share love and sex. She is MY first female lover. I have come a long way in the past year. So unless she is an extremely great actor, I like to hope she is not just in this to appease her hubby and keep him happy.
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