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Lots of replies since I last wrote on here I see. Anyway, I did tell my boyfriend that he was crazy to expect OG to stay not see anyone else while they are together. I haven't really talked to him about us starting a relationship though, since I told him before we met OG that I was fine with him being with someone else and me staying monogamous. Of course that was before I knew OG existed, and I didn't know I'd get a crush when we met. So maybe I'm making an excuse for him, but we did talk about it before, and it was me who changed my mind on the matter, not him. Still doesn't make him right though.

On another note, I went out to lunch with OG today since he was having a crappy day and I enjoyed myself once again.

Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Let me just say, if I were the new guy and I found out that I was expected to be monogamous with your bf, even though he 1) has you, 2) isn't prepared for an emotional relationship, 3) might want to be with other guys, I would just laugh my head off and walk away. Hell any ONE of those things would be enough for me to say "wtf, no, that's a ridiculous double standard."
You're right. It is ridiculous and I'm going to talk to him more about it tonight. OG isn't actively looking for a girlfriend, but I know he wouldn't mind finding one right now. And I'm keeping our relationship as just friends right now, but eventually I wouldn't mind if it becomes more.
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