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No prob, I can tell you more about the relationship.

I met my guy in October last year in Ohio on a business trip. Being 27 and just getting my feet wet I was quickly in awe of him.
Once back home we started emailing back and forth a lot. After tons of emails we met up in the middle of March at another business conference weekend. Again after that the emails continued and we last saw each other at another conference last month. We are going to meet up again because he'll be near me at the start of next month. But I mainly see him at conferences and the like.

I have asked if he would come to visit me but he said no because there's nothing where I live, I live in a small east coast town compared to LA.

I recently asked if he would come to a optional weekend conference in September, because I won't see him again until December. An that's when he told me he had to spend time with his primary, which broke my heart a little cause I barely get to see him, and would like to see him more.

He has said to me that when we are together it's on when we aren't it's off, whatever that means...

I've never met his primary, but I was told she has looked me up lol, and that I'm young and cute.

I guess I'm scared of speaking up because I don't want to ruin things I really have un-expectantly fallen for him. I sometimes create dreams in my head where I'm in a V with him and his primary. Crazy I know...
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