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Originally Posted by Lu2k155 View Post
What I mean, there is a time a place for everything, in one short statement, did this bother you?
Oh no, it didn't bother me at all - I have just seen that word used in many different ways, most of them absolutely fine, some quite worrying.

Discretion can often be code for "I'm cheating on my wife/husband, so this has to be our little secret" (obviously not what you are saying here, unless I got it REALLY wrong )

It can mean "the children can absolutely not know of our other partner's existence." Which is fine for some, problematic for others.

Or it can mean "the children know what is going on, but we have to be careful with what they say at school." (which I know has been a real concern for some parents and children as far as teasing goes) - most poly folks don't have an issue with this.

...and all manner of other variations on these. So I was just wondering what you meant by it, rather than assuming.

Does that make sense?

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