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I am in a vee. I am the female hinge between two mono men.

I have been married to D for 11 years, and we have 3 kids. He is the one who knew I was poly.. He is the one who opened up things for me to see other men. But D is wired kinky and likes feeling a bit like a cuckold..

My boyfriend M and I have been together around 4 months. I spend several days at M's house. He is more like me on many levels. I just kind of fell into step with M.

My relationship with the guys is kind of separate but equal. They know about each other. They actually finally met last weekend when D's car died and he needed my car. I was at M's house for the weekend and had to have M follow me home to drop off my car so D could get to work. They get along just fine but prefer to keep things separate. D likes to hear what I have been up to with M.

There will never be any cohabitation between the guys. If M and I want to make a more permanent commitment to each other it will be a non legal type of marriage. You can have the wedding hoopla without the piece of paper.

Luckily M likes space every once in a while and works midnights. I go home and bug D. It works well as things are now. Every other weekend M gets me for the whole weekend. That is only sort of a problem when it also falls on a weekend D is off too. I also tend to stay over with M on his days off. Tonight is a rare night I am not with M. But the car situation with D put a damper on that.. But M understands.

The hard thing is when I want to take M to a function (like work parties) but can't cause I am kind of closeted.

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