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Thanks for the feedback, dinged! I know I tend to wax and wane when I post late at night. Not always sure I write the tone I think in my head because... well, too close to sleepies!

Most new people don't seem to bother to do a search or read the stickies before posting, but pretty much the same things are stated again and again.
But it IS new. For them.

Nothing new under the sun in the spectrum of human experience or the human condition.

But in the individual experiences? Many new things come ALL THE TIME, as individual people traverse on through their life's development. In the mind, body, heart, and soul buckets -- each one on a different wavelength of growth.

If olders/more experienced/BTDT people get too jaded on it, the newer/less experienced/never BTDT people are left without guidance, and what is a forum for if not looking for real life guidance/conversation with real people?

I mean, I could Google this stuff now, read to my heart's content. But that's not having a "live" discussion, is it? I think most people writing in forums want to share or "think out loud" or "process live" with anon "safe" people who can give feedback in real(ish) time.

It's the craving for human connection. More like "seek peer helper" than "seek bonding with my dictionary/encylopedia set." On the flip side -- and I'm not saying I'm GREAT in all my buckets -- there's the need of BTDT people to help new people with a leg up. That's what is attractive to forums for that side of the coin. Here's one small area where I think I do ok, so I'm up for sharing.

I LOVE this exists. I WISH it existed when I was a young poly woman with no access to resources! On Maslow's need scale, it's the transendance place -- need or wish to help give another the leg up. I have friend's way older than me, some older than my own parents -- giving me the heads up, leg up on Life Things. I have friends much younger than me in the late teens and 20's who wear me plumb out with their energy but bring me great joy in my mind as I get to see them go through things I've already been at. I try to give them the leg up if they ask me and I get to relive memories long forgotten but reperked by their situations. It's neat when I'm fortunate enough to be in some intergenerational powwow conversation. "The more things change, the more they stay the same" is very comforting to us all then.

The feeling of "Hooray! I am NOT crazy! I am just HUMAN! Whee!"

Just random thoughts. (Still waxy, waney -- my apologies. Jet lag is killing me here as I try to readjust from recent travels.)


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