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Originally Posted by Courious View Post
I think I'll be able to find the right words to convince my husband it'll be a wonderful thing for us, but he also can be very traditional at times. I think perhaps he won't want to share me. How can I answer that concern?
I am going to be brief and rather blunt, since I have answered some of your other questions on other threads.

You and he made marriage vows to be monogamous with each other (either explicitly or implicitly). Him not wanting to share you (i.e. keep to the agreement that you made) is not really a "concern", unless it's something that you are worried about.

You want to change the status quo - he may be ok with that, in which case you can start down the road of polydom, or he may not be, in which case you have a choice to either not act on your desires, to lie, cheat and betray your marriage, or to end the marriage.

As you have said in your other threads - your only real way forward that is at all ethical is to talk with him.

Good luck, and welcome!

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