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my husband and i dabbled in the swinger world on a very limited basis and decided that wasnt really what we were looking for so one night after a little too much wine my husband asked his best friend if they would ever consider a sexual relationship with us, he told me he did this and i could have killed him. LOL. So, after several long conversations we decided to give it a try and I will never forget our first night either- we were up till 4 am and then had to get up early and bring the kids to the circus! its been 7 years and its mostly been great, we live across the street from each other (and did before this), we have kids the same ages- we vacation together and spend most of the weekends all together. its really quite remarkable when I think about it. I am always curious how others make it work, or how they have met the people they are with, I really never knew there was such a thing as ployamory until i did a search and found these boards. the more i read about it the more i do think it fits who I am.
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