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Bohemian - First of all if you paid attention to her handle, you'd realize that she isn't in the US and comparing her boyfriend to those supposed southern redneck men that you've encountered, especially the cheating part, really isn't fair since she's never said that he cheated. Since when is it cheating to have multiple relationships, sexual or otherwise, if your partner has explicitly agreed to it? She didn't give him permission to cheat and rub it in her face. *exasperated sigh*

Also, I'm wondering if everyone missed the part about them having a D/s relationship because that could effect how she goes about handling things.

LostinCanada, I am hearing that you want your boyfriend to have this relationship, but you don't want him to keep OG from seeing other people and you would prefer it if he only saw OG and not guys plural. Depending on the level of D/s in your relationship, I would suggest telling him that you aren't comfortable with him seeing multiple guys. It sounds like you are getting to spend more time with his new guy than he is and that has to sting a little. I know that you feel a connection to OG, but I would suggest keeping it to a friendship while they build their relationship. You are all new at this and rushing into asking for you to be allowed to date OG before he's really had the chance to seems a bit unfair considering what you initially agreed to. Point out to him that you and he had an agreement that you'd help him find A guy to explore his bicurious nature and you want to take things slow so you all feel comfortable with how the relationship is proceeding, including OG. Leave room to negotiate later, but suggest a period of 3-6 months, where you guys stick to the original plan?

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