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Originally Posted by apophis View Post
Nycindie: The word possessive doesn't have inherent meaning, and just because you can frame things to sound bad doesn't mean that they are . . .
Who framed anything to "sound bad?" I certainly did not. Apparently, you viewed what I wrote as something bad.

Originally Posted by apophis View Post
Quite frankly, I find it disgusting that someone who might be monogamous drifts onto a polyamorous forum struggling with something their wife wants, and you chastise them.
CHASTISE???? What the fuck have you been smoking? I in no way chastised anyone. I asked questions to promote some thinking in different directions. Your opinion doesn't really mean anything to me, but you're way, way off in your crazy assumptions. As I stated:
Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
No judgments from me, but here are some questions to get you thinking... Does any of what I wrote ring true for you?
There was no chastising going on. You misread and misinterpreted my words.

Originally Posted by apophis View Post
I hope you would find it appropriate if a potentially polyamorous person struggling in a monogamous relationship was asked on a relationship forum, "Are you unwilling to commit? Do you fear being with one person? Are you afraid of devoting most of your time and energy to a partner you cherish?" That's tantamount to what you just did.
Those all sound like valid questions and I would appreciate anyone pointing them out to me so I could ask myself the hard stuff and understand myself better. Don't know what your problem is, but wow.
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