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We were already best friends with the other couple and the more time we spent together the more our sexuality became natural to talk about. gradually the talk turned to humor, which turned to playfulness, which turned to increased openness and eventually downright flirty behavior between the 4 of us. It just seemed natural to become more intimate as time passed. I will never forget the night we actually had sex in our hot tub for the first time. Playful touches and fun were acted upon fully and we all just went along with it. My 2nd was the first one to actually make the final move by sitting on my lap facing me as if it was totally natural. None of us moved to stop things from progressing as we had already crossed many boundaries. I still marvel at the fact all 4 of us are so attracted to the "other" spouse. My wife and I, and of course then the 4 of us had a long talk about what had happened and we decided it was good since we all agreed together and there was no cheating or deception. That is not to say that we did not go through a period of doubt once or twice...but we have totally put our past feelings of any moral questions about our relationship behind us.

So how did you all come together?
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