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Yes, indeed, SNeacail, the NRE will negate most of what I say... and I do agree that it probably does fall somewhere in the middle (my viewpoint and his). He's got the excitement that someone else is excited about him, wants to continue on, and I (being new to this) am apprehensive given the energy I felt from the new guy, his insecurities, and lack of experience coming out in different ways.

I feel a wee bit better now. But it is a mite annoying that my partner isn't as supportive or nurturing to me at this time, chalking it up to me 'overreacting'. He let me know the guy walked away from the meeting saying I was cute, funny, and a nice guy (nothing negative). And me... well, I seem to be the one with the problem. (sigh).

So... Yes, I also agree that it is in my best interest to keep my opinion to myself unless asked (within reason).

2 days ago, I had the opinion that I don't want to meet the guy again, he shouldn't be invited to any get-togethers with our friends, etc. (I didn't articulate this to my partner). Now that I see that it lands a little in the middle, and it might be just a little emotional wind blowing through, I am looking at it from the viewpoint that I can try to be open to another potential meeting, without being guarded (which would be a little tough), but that's what growth within is all about.

I work with a good amount of people in their late teens / early 20's... and I agree with you... you don't really notice the age difference, but really depending on who it is, and the situation, of course.
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