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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
Being new you might not be aware of how many threads ...from how many angles this topic has been beaten.....that's all. It seems to come up indirectly in lots of threads too. Every other day....I thought I was being kind with once a week
This is why I miss NeonKaos's practice of merging threads on similar topics into one general "Master Thread" when she was moderator here. It cleaned up the forum from the gazillion-and-one threads that always pop up about the same thing over and over. Primary/Secondary, Jealousy/Envy, etc. Add it to the Master Thread, keep it as reference and interesting reading if one wants to go back in history a little. A moderator could probably spend whole days merging all the threads that repeat the same crap. Most new people don't seem to bother to do a search or read the stickies before posting, but pretty much the same things are stated again and again.
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