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Originally Posted by BohemianMLHR81 View Post
Oh just one thing is your bf a southern redneck man? This has the pregnant barefoot smell all over it!
Haha no he's not. He does have lingering issues from his previous relationship where his ex girlfriend cheated on him with anything that moved. So I get him being afraid I might leave, although if I wanted to do that I could've done it already. With that said, I told him when we first got together that he could sleep with another girl or guy and I'd be fine with it. And now that he's gotten comfortable with the idea of doing so, I think he's afraid that I'm gonna start screaming for equality. But really, all I want is us to be together in a closed triad or a semi closed one. I mean if OG wants to date other people, fine by me. But my boyfriend isn't gonna keep me chained to him when he has someone else already and is looking for others as well. That's not gonna fly. And if things stay as a V, I'd be content with that as well. I like him having a guy, it turns me on and makes me happy.

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