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Default Baby Steps

Talked to BF last night and he's still pushing for what I can only describe as a closed polyfi V, with an open hinge. Aye! He's becoming increasingly annoyed that OG and I talk alot to each other, as he says OG doesn't seem to be as interested in talking to him. But they're both shy and I'm the only one who's outgoing, so maybe that's why. Plus whenever OG texts BF he either 1) takes forever to answer or 2) gives him a one word answer. We're hoping to all get together soon before I leave though. I hope we can because I can't wait to see them together. BF says in time he thinks he'll be ok with us having sex together while OG fucks him, which is a step in the right direction I guess.

With that said, OG and I texted each other all last night and my crush on him is getting stronger. I feel like the feeling may be mutual, but we will see. Which brings me to the next part of my dilemma. If all does work out, how exactly will things work with OG and I dating? We live in a small city where everyone knows everyone and is nosy beyond belief. For me and OG it wouldn't really matter since all of our family and friends are far away for the most part. But all of BF's family lives here and I know he'd still want to keep our poly relationship under wraps since he still won't even let people know that we're in a D/s relationship. Just more to think about I guess.
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