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Default Amy

Thanks Kevin for answering my introduction... and yes Amy causes problems within the group. She does not put any effort into the relationship with my husband. She won't come over to the house. She won't let him go over to her house. She only wants him to meet her at a gas station before or after work and sit in their vehicles and talk.
We invite her to family gatherings and their is always a reason why she can't come. She has two teenage sons.. she says she told them about us but we haven't met them yet. They have gone to their grandfathers for the summer and she still won't come over and hang out at all..
I just don't like the way she treats us. She says she wants to be alike a sister wife ... which in my words are where the girlfriends are close and do things together too. but she doesn't show it. So I am not happy with her right now.
My husband says he is just going to let things ride and see where it leads.. He stopped putting effort into it also.. She is just supposed to be part of the family and doesn't act like it.
Any suggestions on how I can work through this I will appreciate feedback.

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