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@dingedheart: My child knows NOTHING of the S&M context of our relationship other than his Daddy is the boss, and we are very polite to him. He does understand that his Daddy has two girlfriends (well... one now) and his Mom. He is 11, and has been raised in a very open household. i.e. he didn't worry about being naked until he was 9... I was getting worried that his lack of modesty would be an issue, but nature took its course and he became self-aware. We don't have a 'playroom' here, we go to the club to play in that aspect.

As for her going back to him... she is still living in this area with mutual friends of ours, however her hours and hours on the phone with him make it pretty apparent that there is more going on there than her claim of "getting closure" seems to cover. Not sure what is going on in that little time bomb.

Thank you for your insight... it does seem to be a very similar situation to what we have here, albeit my position isn't as secure as I would like it to be. When we have talked, he puts it like this: I am his sun and moon, always there, ever present, necessary to life. Lauren is the bunny rabbits and butterflies, she makes him smile and makes the world a sweeter place to be, and Raven is his weather, ever changing, and making life interesting.

I will most likely hold on for dear life and pray to the heavens that he comes to his senses before it is too late. My question is how do I hold on to my sanity while I wait for him to regain his?

Again, thank you both for your thoughts on this matter. I'm sure I don't have to tell you that my side is only ONE side of this tale, he has one, and she has one as well, however I am only privy to my thoughts and my feelings here.
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