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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
Did I come off sounding that way?

If so, not my intent to get into semantics or be argumentative. My intent was just to share my preference for myself and how some of my experience played out because IME? There was no vocab.

No you didn't. And I thought your posting was good. I was speaking in the general sense. And Nycindie hinted at the reason .....there are many thread that have discussed this......from many angles Labeling...changing the titles like garbageman to sanitation engineer the concept of love having a status hierarchies being similar to a cult like mentality.

The problem is with a lifestyle that has a thousand shades of grey these differences are going to be inherent. Then factor in the truly enlighten ...the advocates and how they view things and that's why we see so many of these threads.

Newtoday.......crap today's thursday ....I missed it did I lose a I am having bad week

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