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Ironically people say poly is freedom to build whatever relationship that all parties agree to ....except if there is a hierarchy....hierarchies are wrong. And which ever side you fall on it alway seems to boil down to one side trying to convince the other that they are wrong. And it usually breaks into a semantic game or argument.
Did I come off sounding that way?

If so, not my intent to get into semantics or be argumentative. My intent was just to share my preference for myself and how some of my experience played out because IME? There was no vocab.

I don't think it is wrong to have a heirarchy structure. It's just not MY thing.

So a general debate/discussion on "polyship structure style and resulting vocab use" with people not in your polyship? Makes no sense to me. There just isn't a one size fits all model for polyship. There isn't even a one size fits all model for monoship.

If it is the people's thing, yay. If it isn't, yay. The point it -- it's THEIR thing. *shrug*

I often sit around wondering... why is this so hard for people?

Know what you want your thing to be... then go FIND the like minded people to go have it with. There.

All happy for the most part and agree to what they signed up for? Yay. Carry on.


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