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Hi and welcome

How old is your child and how much of this does he or she know.

Let me get this straight the girl who was trafficked ....forced to be a stripper and a hooker to buy a boat .....went back to the guy who did that to her and "daddy" wants her back ?? And You want her back only to make him less miserable and or happy.. She sounds lovely....Her coming back isn't going to change his feels for you.....don't you see that.

I recommend safe yourself and your kid. I further recommend you keep the kink part of your life as far away from your child or children as possible......seeing mommy tied up with a gag in her mouth and hook in her ass being beaten does have a very negative effect on them....and it also has an expensive half-life. It seems like common sense but you'd be surprised how many of these accidents happen.

Good luck D

PS. What kind of boat did the guy buy? You can tell a lot about guy by his boat....Size...sail or motor powered, etc...

The trouble with boats you always want to trade up .....the guy might want a bigger ...newer boat....she might be back as soon as she's got that worked off.

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