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I had the most amazing time with rory! <3 We had some great conversations, a lot of closeness and just.. perfect time together. I decided not to work on those three days she was here and I think it was the right decision. JJ gave us enough space to be alone, I really appreciated that. Her presence just makes me so happy and I love her and our relationship. I love the fact that we don't have NRE anymore, so that we can see each other's flaws and not be obsessed about each other, but instead we're building something real, solid and hopefully lasting. I've been waiting for a chance for this relationship to grow more and I feel it's been given that chance now that we're moving to the same city. I'm amazed how all this worked out eventually even though the situation looked quite bad for a while. Ok, we're not living there just yet, but it's not going to take long anymore, a bit over a month maybe. Gosh, this is really happening!
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