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One other thing that I noticed in all of your posts was there is no mention of the closeness between the wife and you. Everything seems to be centered around the husbands sexual desires of wanting his two women and the wifes jealousy. This leads me to believe that she is only having sexual relations with you to apease his wants. This is exactly the signs that I look for when i meet with a couple. If I do not get vibes from the woman who claims to be bi I am out of there. Dont get me wrong. I have no problem being in a triad with the man being the V if the woman is straight as long as they are both honest about it. But any fool can tell when bisexual desire is being faked for someone elses benefit. jealousy is the main sign that a person is only participating to please someone else. IMO he is also playing the victim. I am sure he is all tore up over the fact that he has two women in his home who are both wanting to sleep beside of him.
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