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I know I am most likely going to get some heat over this but I have to say it. Simple fact is that you are NOT in love with this man. You have not been for a long time. You are comfortable with him because he is your rock. To keep dragging it on so that you have your emotional support person remain in your life is not fair to him. In addition you are in love with your gf. Keeping all of this unresolved is not fair to her either. Sorry if I come off as harsh but I am a very blunt type of person. I do not sugar coat anything. IMPO the only person who's feelings that you have placed priority on is your own. You admitted several times that a sexual relationship with this man is over. So let him go! He needs to be free to find someone to love him as much as you love your gf. If you can not give this man your passion, LET HIM GO!
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