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Default Update Several Months Later...

So it's been a long time since I posted about this situation...

He went to japan to visit her about 2 weeks after my last post and he had a really good time there... however they talked about how feasible it would be to see each other again and decided they might see other people.

As soon as he got back we picked up right where we left off hanging out every day pretty much. It was so much fun. We spent a lot of time talking - for hours and hours and just enjoying each others company.

Eventually we ended up liking each other so much it was ridiculous, so we started seeing each other romantically and he was communicative about this with his girl in japan. She told him to avoid hindering his new relationship she would cease talking to him, which I know is something that pains him because he didn't want to have things end like that...

Anyway, our relationship is doing well and it's been pretty exciting. Picnics in the park, dinner dates, hanging out at my new place with my husband and roommate and my friends for home made dinner and drinks. It's been a blast. I couldn't be happier with how well things are going with us.

On an emotional level things have matured too, as we have told each other we love one another. Ahh! I am so excited by all of it. We often talk about the beginning of when we met and what we thought of each other and how much time we spent hanging out and stuff like that. It's interesting to hear the other's thoughts and impressions.

So there's not much to say here in terms of asking for help or anything, but I just wanted to say that the situation has so far been delightful and I am really happy about it.

My husband has been incredible, and he really likes my boyfriend. He says that he makes an effort to be his friend and to show him respect and appreciation and that he doesn't feel awkward to hang out with us. I have to say some of my favorite moments are when the two of them are just hanging out, getting along and laughing.
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