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I thought this thread was dead already until I got the notification that I had an update.

I am a little embarrassed by the whole thread. The truth is, this woman is not a cowgirl, not purposely anyways. My only issue with her is that she is many wonderful things that I am not and I do wonder if one day my dear husband will leave me for her.

He tries to assure me that he loves us both and that he will never leave, but never say never, right?

And to test him, I have tried to shut him out, push him away, offer to leave, but the harder I push him away, the more he comes back, I guess if he wanted her bad enough, he would take me up on those offers, wouldn't he?

And, in soul searching, I am trying to determine why I am suddenly so interested in keeping him; he has even noticed and mentioned that, why so possessive now? I tell him and myself the right thing to believe, that I love him more than anyone ever could but the fact is, maybe it's just because I don't want someone else, particularly her, to have him.

I know that is selfish and immature. But he was mine to start, he should be mine to keep.

Thank you for reaching out, but I am done discussing this.