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Originally Posted by pocketpoly86 View Post
First, I have to clarify that we agreed on a time that he can feel awake enough to share that isn’t 5pm. He agreed to 8am and that works for me. It went well this morning – we’ll see if/how it continues.
So, you guys get together every morning just to check in and discuss anything that needs to be discussed? I think that's a great idea. My hubby and I have "bedroom meetings" once a week (we lie in bed and talk about whatever), but doing it every day might be interesting...

Rule #2: Text me when she arrives and when she leaves. (we’ll try this out – I don’t want to be too intrusive, but I also must sleep and not feel sick. If it doesn’t work, or if it bothers her, we’ll revisit this rule – but it’s a starting point)
I think that is perfectly fair. You may be on another floor, but it's still the same house and the possibility of you running into her is there. I wouldn't think you or Colada would want to risk a surprise encounter. While I think it may be helpful for you to work on getting over that sick feeling about whether or not she's in the house, I think knowing is also important so everything can be done to make her feel comfortable visiting, too.

Task #2: Think about how I can decorate my room to create a retreat of sorts – a place where I can feel calm and escape the realities of everyday life. I actually told several of the women at work today that I decided to take a time-out and that I moved down stairs. I talked to one of the women who runs a fairly serious fashion blog about getting her to do a full closet make-over for me. I also talked about how I can decorate this room to achieve the balance I need in my life. It felt good to share some of my journey and it reminded me that the poly questions are only some of what I am working through. I need to be comfortable with me and centered before I can truly sort out how the poly lifestyle can or cannot work in my life. Today, I took one more step…
Love it! Before I moved out of my parents' house (yes, way back when...) I had my room set up so that I had certain areas for certain things... I had my favorite chair next to a window with a little table for when I wanted to read/do homework, I had an area near the closet for getting ready (mirror, table for makeup, etc), I had the bed with tons of pillows and such in another area (and I tried to avoid lying in bed when I wasn't trying to sleep because I found that associating the bed with other activities would inhibit my ability to fall asleep), and I had another area that was all storage - books, CDs, school stuff, pretty much everything but clothes. The division of the room let the storage area get messy without really infringing on the rest of the space too much. I used curtains to have a certain amount of division when I wanted it, but they could be tied up to look really cute and flowy when I wanted everything to be presented as a whole. I pretty much loved it. It was insanely girly (all pink and hearts).
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