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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
What does it mean if I draw a blank at this word? I can point to examples of oppression, but don't feel it. I can imagine what it would feel like.

I don't even feel like I am oppressed in my relationship from an external view point...the scary thing is I know why. It's because I feel I chose to live outside the norm so any oppression is brought on by myself. Does this make any sense? Am I so conditioned to be within the norm that I find it my fault if I am judged and therefore I have no right to complain?

Is this why, although I love being open about my relationship with my family and community, I shy away from promoting it even outside my personal concerns of mono/poly couplings?
Am I self oppressed?
I haven't a clue Mono-but I'm struggling to respond to it as well. I know people must be wondering since I started the thread-but that was more for RP then having a clue what to write!
I guess in some way I have lived on the edge of "unacceptable" for so long-I don't notice other people's reactions.
In another way-I also figure if I am going to insist on being "different" from the "norm" in a billion ways-I should expect to be treated as different....

Not sure that's GOOD. Just not sure about how to do something about it either....
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