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I have to disagree in one point.

I totally agree with the respect.

But, if one is going to make all of their relationships equal-you can't prioritize one over another.

I'm not saying everyone does want that-but it is why a number of people get irritated over the whole primary, secondary thing.

I do agree that if your relationship has issues-it's not the time to start a new relationship.

BUT-my husband comes and goes with his jealousy and insecurity as easily as running out of his ADD meds (which increases his insecurity astronomically).
I'm NOT dumping my boyfriend every time that happens.
I'm not making him move out, tearing up our family unit and starting from scratch because one person has a hair up their behind.

Now, that said-I'm also not out seeking new partners. But, it's also not my place to "enforce" that Maca not do so-even though he hasn't resolved these issues in himself.

But it does mean that the new women get to deal with the consequences when he is disrespectful and irritatingly too caught up in NRE with them to focus on his responsibilities.
Which-is a pain in the ass for them, me and everyone else too.

I agree that he SHOULDN'T go seeking new companions in an effort to assuage his issues. But, he's a grown man and even as his wife, I don't have the authority or ability to stop him.
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