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Thank you for the responses everyone. I know I do need to talk to him about everything, because I don't know where he got some of these new ideas from. They weren't run by me or the new guy at that.

Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
Sounds like initially you were looking for something like a "closed polyfi V" kinda of situation with your BF as the hinge person with the arms of the V not having anyone but him and him having just you two. And with your crush on the OSO, hoping it could extend to triad perhaps.
You hit the nail right on the head with this! I was initially hoping for it to be just a closed polyfi V type of relationship between the three of us. It wasn't until I found the right guy that I started wondering if maybe we could have a triad possibly in the future. Because honestly if it wasn't him in particular, I probably would still want just a closed V. And if my boyfriend isn't comfortable with the idea of a closed triad, then I'd still be ok with it just being a V. But now it seems he's putting his needs and wants above the needs and wants of us. I mean he's presuming the new guy will only sleep with him and not want a relationship outside of him for sex or otherwise. And he's presuming that I'll be ok with him sleeping with multiple guys, which I'm not.

We do need to talk, but I think we all need to talk since we're bringing OG into this. He deserves to have his needs and wishes met, as much as we do. I just need to get this through my boyfriend's somewhat thick head.
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