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Default Heartbreak

Originally Posted by Elinan View Post
And yes, strange as it is, I've never experienced any relationship heartbreak. It's not for lack of relationship experience, although mine is limited in a sense, it's not non-existent. It just, hasn't, well, happened (yet?).
I'm certainly not wishing heartbreak on you!! Maybe you'll make it out of this crazy life having never gotten your heart broken into a thousand pieces. We can hope.

Honestly Elinan, it sounds like you are doing fine with your end of the situation. You sound like you are anxious and running out of patience, but that just means it is important to you (which I see as a good thing). The fact that you want so much to be able to relate to his mentality says volumes. I don't have any cool intellectual tid-bits to offer you that you don't already have.

Hang in there
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