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I can't respond right now-giggling so hard over you D!

But, I will be back to elaborate.

I think you're right-it's time to figure out the personal boundaries-which is part of why I made this thread.

To get a feel for others thoughts, experiences.

I've noted in another thread a LOT of heat over meeting both partners before sexual involvement.
I don't happen to see that one changing in our terms.

My terms are-either they meet me first-or they don't meet me (or the kids) at all. I don't care which. It's easy enough to tell if something happens-because he has little to no free-time unless I carve it out of the schedule for him. Besides-it shows on his face.

But-there's other things that need to be figured out regarding this whole boundary breaking thing.

He's sincere in his apologies. But as those who've watched through the last 3 years already know-he ALWAYS IS-until he meets someone and then its "brain be gone" like a crack addict.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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