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November ,yes I meant ingesting-as in adding to the diet. I can't actuallly just spoon it in my mouth. giggling at visual image!
I use it to cook and in smoothies as well.

D-you know just when to make us all laugh our asses off. Hilarious!

Why coconut oil versus the chemical compounds in over the counter lubes-is because they all cause skin dryness or thinning of the membranes (in the long run) and I have ongoing medical issues on account to serious tears during my last labor and delivery. It's critical that I not use anything like that.

On the other hand, no lube-often results in exacerbating these additional issues.

Furthermore, while I dont have a strong tendency to get yeast infections in that area-I do get them on my skin (arms, legs, feet) occasionally and my youngest child is horribly prone to the same. But, coconut oil kills yeast, so just using it once a day as a lotion stops that completely.

Also, for anyone whose had major surgeries and had doctors find a high level of yeast inside their bodies (not vaginally, I mean INSIDE THE BODY CAVITY) they advise ingesting 2-3 tablespoons a day coconut oil. Because it kills the yeast.

So far, its working great AND it smells and feels great too .
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