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RainyGrlJenny: Your post at best barely addresses mine. Of course someone who expects you to reserve the lion's share of your time and resources for them at the expense of anyone else you would want to spend time with is abusive, but that's not what I said. I said a monogamous relationship is two people mutually deciding that what they desire is to devote the majority of their resources to their relationship with each other. There's no reason they wouldn't consider themselves whole people or would need to be dependently searching for their "other half" to want to do that.

I'm glad you've been happily monogamous, but that does not mean I respect you as any kind of authority on the subject. I, again, agree that two people in a monogamous relationship would want to be apart of each other's "full" lives, however any relationship makes an impact on your time and resources. The choice of monogamy is to make a single relationship the large relationship portion of that full life in whatever way both people mutually see fit. The fact that you desire to divide more of your resources amongst other relationships than monogamous people do is not significant.

In the future I would appreciate it if you provided your definitions for the terms you use (abusive, lion's share, exclusion, possessive, dependency, whole person, other half, full life, ownership, and romance). Also, you don't bother to provide premises for your conclusions, and I'm left to seek out the myriad implicit premises you're using. You could also more clearly define your conclusions. Most of your two paragraph response was nothing more than emotional appeal and argument by authority using the authority as yourself. I'm glad you're self-confident and see certain things as "worthy" of you and other things as "crap," but all of that is meaningless in an intellectual discussion.
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