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Default Barriers

Originally Posted by Elinan View Post
So it's that raw intellectual understanding I'm looking for, of why it feels so hard for him to move his feet based on the good parts he's feeling in his heart. Does that make sense? Hard to put all of this into words and make it say what I'm trying to... =)
I apologize, Elinan, for hijacking your thread. It wasn't my intention.

It seems evident from this angle that there are a number of barriers presented to your boyfriend in regard to his becoming close to you.

Long distance: do you know if he is interested in an LDR?
Polyamory: adapting to a new philosophy of relating to people can be daunting, he may well need some time before he can embrace it. Certainly if the person he is connecting to in this alien fashion lives 500 miles away.
Sympathy: having never experienced heart break (is that really true?) he may be gun-shy to share himself with you because he fears you don't know well enough how to avoid hurting him

This is purely speculation on my part.
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