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Cool nuances


We sat face to face, a foot apart, less than two hours before Colada arrived and discussed her visit. Pocket's reference is a metaphorical one indicating some level of psychological turmoil over the situation. I can assure you, she was neither surprised by nor unaware of the visit.

Apprehensive, yes. Unaware, absolutely not.

The anxiety stems from not having met Colada, which in turn is a function of Colada's own anxieties. As Piper mentioned in her blog intro, Colada has a fair amount of anxiety which has caused ongoing issues for some time. Pocket is fully supportive of my attempts to help Colada with those issues and has said so to me repeatedly both verbally and in writing. This blog is her vent/rant and may not include all of the information on any one topic. We've already jointly determined when/how I will break things off with Colada if we reach a point of no return. She's a phenomenal woman, but I won't allow her to ruin my marriage. I have offered to force Colada's hand and cut off further contact until she meets Pocket. Because of Pocket's background, she understands what's actually going on with Colada and is active in helping me work her through her anxiety.

The good news is this blog is helping me to key in on those areas where either I'm not understanding what Pocket is trying to tell me or she's not communicating clearly in person. I personally think there's a bit of both happening.

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