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Originally Posted by PiedPiper View Post
I would gently suggest that you re-read the post before making inflammatory comments. Not only was the visit discussed beforehand, my GF (I don't call her Colada) coming over was Pocket's idea. Her stress in this situation was in not knowing whether my GF actually did arrive as she fell asleep.
Thanks for clearing that up - it didn't come across that way when I read it.

We are each grieving the loss of our daughter in our own ways.
And your wife is still struggling ...

I see a number of red flags that tell me counseling could be extremely helpful, just the death of a child is reason in and of itself. It is usually the small things that can destroy a relationship and it can be very hard for those involved to figure out what they are, much less know how to verbalize it and find a solution.

I'm working daily with Pocket to enhance our communication and determine new ways to foster and strengthen our relationship.

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