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I am not sure why you feel these rules are one sided. Maybe that is how you feel and I can't change that. We care about the feelings of all individuals and that is paramount. That is why we are very clear up front about our intentions. It is not because we want to be jerks. It is because we have been burned so many times before as well by females who come in claiming they want to meet a couple when in fact all they want is to meet a female or a male.

It is not like I am expecting a "sister wife" scenario where the woman coming in can have only me and she has no relationship with anyone else other then me. That would be criminal. Same thing for my wife if the girl was only allowed to be with my wife and she was not allowed to be with me.

I seriously thought this was a good idea to be open about things in a forum but I guess not. I guess it is just another place where you are supposed to feel comfortable to discuss how you feel but still have to be prepared for personal attacks. I guess that is why people keep these things inside the closet so much. We get enough crap from people outside the community let alone having to defend ourselves within the community as well.
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