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Default Boggled

Sometimes it's amazing how all of the stimulus in my life seems related- interpersonal, school, my work, and sometimes this forum, like now.

As I'm sure we all are, I've been getting pretty heavy all over again into finding my own viewpoints clearly as of late, and trying to decide what's important, what deserves time, and what my limits are.

What strikes me as a widespread underlying factor in power structures and institutions as they relate to modern society is the Victorian Era and the schizophrenia that has rippled out all over the world as a result of that morally hysterical period and the class structure of the time that we certainly are not free of yet.

Obviously there have always been class/privelege/master vs. slave structures encouraging oppression for some and status for others, but i am currently overwhelmed with the lack of progress from Victorian times in this century.

Sorry, that has nothing to do with how I've been oppressed as a result of poly or how to remedy it, but you'll have to forgive me- I'm reading Nietzche, Oscar Wilde, and James Baldwin at the same time.
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