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Originally Posted by icelandicman View Post
Also... You mentioned something about "Hmmmm... no wonder most unicorns have low self esteem and are merely looking for scraps of attention from established couples, to agree to such a scenario." I find that comment a bit offensive because it almost seems like you are blaming couples like my wife and I for someone's low self esteem.
IMO, it's more that unicorn hunters come across as slightly predatory; they may not deliberately sabotage anyone's self esteem, but when the rules their prey is expected to agree with are as arbitrary and one-sided as the ones you have on the table the only taker may be someone who has low self esteem to begin with.

Just on the offchance that you haven't already stumbled across it, here's a unicorn hunter's flowchart. Anyone signing up for that with her eyes open must either be a masochist or feel she has no worth as a human being.
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