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Well, I've only been in a poly triad for 3 months and a bit, but when I introduce people to my partner(s) it's always been "this is my wife" for L, and "this is my boyfriend" for S. We've not yet been in a social situation where i've had to introduce both of them to someone, because the great majority of my friends have at least been briefed on what's going on and are cool with it, and S and I work in the same place, so we have the same colleagues and whatnot.

I do have to say that i really dislike the "primary" and "secondary" labels. I know that at the moment L needs them so that she can feel validated and like she's the only "life partner," but really, i don't like the labels. If it were up to me, we'd all be equal, because i feel like we are -- i don't like the implication that S is "less" or "not as important" because he's a "secondary partner".
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