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Default Nietzche's Übermensch

What I'm thinking about this week: Nietzche's Overman characteristics in relation to experiences I've had, and people I've known, mainly in the context of writing about my 9 month stint in the French Quarter in New Orleans.

I have just started my study of existentialism, so I'm not professing any expertise- just what is striking me at the moment.

Here's a wiki article

Here's my professor's study-guide version of the characteristics of this path:

a) Remains faithful to the earth; overcomes personal resentment of the natural order and embraces life for what it is.
b) Promotes personal health and affirms the body’s natural instincts.
c) Quests alone—seeks the most difficult challenges and overcomes them, alone.
d) Creates own values.
e) Affirms selfishness as a virtue over altruism.
f) Seeks true reciprocal friendships to be core relationships.
g) Commits to self-mastery and self-overcoming in which self-pity from victimization has no place.

That last one has been pounding around in my brain. I have stacks of journals from all periods of my life and sometimes when I dive into them I do so for self-clarification, but just as often to remind myself how hard I had it, or how much I loved someone, or how ridiculous and dangerous things I did were. It makes me feel better about where I am. But there is also a measure of self pity, self importance, to the tone of the journals. As a writer, weeding out the whining and subjective view to find the meaning is a big hurdle for me.

The gears are turning...
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