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She has a very deep feeling for us, and that is what I feel in her too.
She's honest in that; but has some more troubles in outing it and feeling free with it since she is in a more complicated situation (she has a hb too who suggested the whole thing before we got feelings or ideas but doesnt want to know what happens)

I don't know if we are just very close deep friends with benefits; or that it is romantically.

In general she could not be romantically with a woman; she is just curious.
But we do say I love you to eachother and we speak of the love we feel for eachother. So I'm not sure if that is friendship or romantically envolved; it is a very deep feeling and we have a lot of attraction to eachother now. Although she is very submissive, but once going it is equal.

She is looking for intimacy like the way I do; and I guess that's why it feels so equel; we have the same longing for that. Just soft tenderness. Our first kiss last forever; well; about an hour; and that feeling stays; it is not just sex; but sex together.
I can not have sex without feeling this. I had sex before with a good friend (woman); but it just didnt felt in place; that was friends with benefits.
This feels as more, and she wants everything; but she wants us to stay two primary pairs too which we agree with.
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