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I get to visit family!! We'd been discussing it for a while, but since Keith wants an extra long vacation next year he can't take time off and I didn't think it was fair to go without him. The other day he told me I should go and that he would actually enjoy having a weekend where he could spend the entire time focusing on games, hanging out with friends, or doing whatever he wants that I'm not interested in - this was before we got in a fight, so I know it's not like he's just saying okay to make me feel better. So, I get to take a week vacation - as much as going and staying at my parents' house is a vacation since I'll go to work with my mom a couple of days and pretty much just hang out with family the entire time.

Mario and Fiona will probably come stay at my parents' house (which could potentially lead to some awkwardness so I need to make sure to have a looooong conversation with F before I go) as well as my sister, her husband, and my nephew so it will be a full house and my mother is thrilled! I haven't gotten to talk to my dad yet, but I'm sure he'll be excited too because he felt guilty that they couldn't really afford to come visit until next March.

I can't wait! Just over a month until I get to see everyone! Financially it's not the smartest move we've made lately, but psychologically I think it will be really good for me so it's worth scrimping for a few more weeks while we build our savings back up. It's not like I'm going to spend any money while I'm there since I'll be mooching food and lodging off of people.
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