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Before I met him, I had the same mindset. The old me would have left already! He's increased my capacity for tolerance and patience just by being an incredibly tolerant and patient person himself. Does this mean I'm going to be a doormat every time there's a bump or a new partner who he gives a lot of attention to? Absolutely not. I am going to give him more time before I let the old me take charge. Not all of it, though. Old me has a tongue dipped in poison. I'd rather not do that to him.

I've expressed what I need from this, he understands it, and needs to apply it. It's only right considering I'm pushing past certain boundaries to meet his needs. This is all new to him as well so he has a lot to learn on his own. So he gets time to sort things out and learn how to balance everything. I'd absolutely hate to leave him but if there is no change, I'd have to.
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