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Things have been so quiet again, I hardly know what to talk about. There was a little unpleasant situation on Sunday, but that's mainly it. I will come to that later on.

First of all, as some have asked for the health of my mother (thanks for your concern), right now, it has gotten better, but she was having a hard time during the last week. She has been quite feverish for most days of the last weekend and therefore weak. The fever went down right before her next chemo which wasn't enough time for her to recover and things became a good deal worse this time. Her leukocytes were really, really low and the danger of an infection rises with every day their don't increase again. Two more sessions for her to undergo, we hope for the best.

In regard to my university stuff, I need to get down to work. I want things to be off the table as fast as possible in case the pregnancy project launches as planned. Aside from this reminder, I don't have anything interesting to say about this part of my life at the moment.

Sward and I had a little misunderstanding going on on Sunday. It came down to us assuming what the other was thinking without speaking about our concrete notions at that moment and it blew up a bit. Both of us know, that assuming doesn't get us anywhere, but we can't break our old habits sometimes. It was cleared that evening and talked about the next evening again and both of us noticed that even though we were quite reluctant to call it quits right away, none of us likes the tense atmosphere after a fight; being right next to each other, having talked things through, still a bit agitated because of it, not cuddling right away because of this 'I am still a bit mad at you' feeling. (The quarrel occurred right before we went to bed and we were lying there next to each other.)

Yesterday Sward told me: I really don't like to lie next to you and not hug and cuddle you. Quarrels are so useless that way, can't we quarrel and hug at the same time? We would have all the time in the world to clear it, but lying there alone just feels lonely. I smirked. We kind of did this later on, discussing and cuddling at the same time, but I am a person who needs space to feel upset and hurt and I need my personal space right then.

The baby front well, all of us got in the mood kind of. I started the book, the first pages look great, I am quite pleased with my calligraphic skills and am looking forward to the book on different handwriting and alphabets I ordered to pick some different styles for the various passages of the book. Lin delved right into this project as well, he got the idea to design some kind of family crest or coat of arms. Sward holds the book in so high esteem that he doesn't dare to touch it even when I told him that I want him to write some lines later on. He said: I won't touch this book. It looks so good, I will just ruin it. Seems like he thinks of it as some kind of future masterpiece or something along those lines ^.^ And he keeps at taking his vitamins to provide the best working material he can
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